Thursday, 14 May 2015

Will You Be Eligible for Student Financial Aid?

If you have the strong desire to get a post-secondary education, then don’t let the financial worries discourage you. With a little bit of effort on your side, you will discover that there are several kinds of student financial assistance available that may be applicable for you to save on college costs. Here are some eligibility criteria to help determine if you can get financial aid for your post-secondary education.

    You are financially qualified to receive it.. . .

    If you are first in your family to attend college.

    Have good talent in a sport.

    If you earn good grades, choose hard courses, have special talent or show exceptional promise.

    Previously served in the military.

    Plan to major in specific studies.

    If you are unemployed.

    Agree to work in certain high-need locations or professions after your graduation.

    In cases of special need or a disability.

    And many other reasons. You can get the complete details from the financial aid administratorsof your college.
Usually two factors are generally used to determine who gets student aid and how much they get.

The first one is:
    Merit-based student financial aid, which is given to students who do something exceptionally good like in the areas of music, athletics, or academics or to students who want plan to have a career in a certain area that benefits the community or the country such as teaching,engineering, math and science.

And the second one is
    Need-based student financial aid, which is given to students who demonstrate a lack of financial resources to pay for their studies.

You can apply for student financial aid just by using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). With this single application, students can apply financial aid at multiple colleges and also from multiple funding sources such as federal, institutional, state and private providers of funding assistance. The FAFSA for next academic year (July 1, 2015- June 30, 2016) is available online now. Get the details here.

The work of financial aid administrators is to help students by providing them appropriate financial resources to achieve their desired educational potential. That’s why the role of a financial aid administrator is very crucial for both students and colleges.

At APCS, we are a South Florida based,local educational organization and offer administrative staff training, CEUs, and financial aid training courses for different educational institutes in South Florida; through our yearly APCS Administrators’ (Staff) C.E.U. Training Event(s). To get more details and to take part in our administrative staff training CEUs, etc., contact us today.

Friday, 13 March 2015

How important is Financial Aid Training for College Staffs?

The first and foremost mistake that many student and families make is assuming they can’t afford college. Most of the time, they get confused by the process of finding money for college. At that time, a student turns to a counselor or to other mentors for advice. It is very crucial for counselors to have the accurate information that they need to solve-out he financial problems of their students during admissions and fee deposit process. Therefore, financial aid training is essential to share those important details and increase counselors’ knowledge of the financial aid process.

A financial aid administrator should be the first stop for every student when they are considering how to pay for a college education. They can provide information on many vital topics, including:

•    What types of financial aids are available for you?

•    Deadlines of financial aid application for your college.

•    How much financial aid you are qualified to receive?

•    When you can expect to receive your financial aid support?

•    Help to accurately complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and other forms.

•    Ways to make most appropriate and smart borrowing decisions.

•    How to request an appeal of financial aid requests?

The primary goal of a financial aid administrator is to help students achieve their dream education platform by providing most appropriate financial resources to them. That’s why financial aid training is necessary for college staffs to build a better understanding with students and fill the gap between the financial requirements of students and their budget.
Financial Aid C.E.U. Training and Compliance for Private, Postsecondary, Educational Institutions in South Florida

At APCS (Association of Private Colleges and Schools of South Florida), we provide financial aid training sessions to different educational institutions of South Florida. ; through our yearly APCS Administrators’ (Staff) C.E.U. Training Event(s).  These Events are open to all APCS Member Schools / Colleges, and to Non – APCS Member Schools / Colleges, in South Florida. A cost is incurred by all attendees.  Our financial aid training will help your college staff to be in compliance, and help them decide the best financial packages for their students. Hurry up; contact us today to take part in our financial aid training sessions.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Get Benefitted by Effective South Florida Admissions Training Program

For any South Florida based school or college or educational institute, the admission process plays an important role, which should be executed professionally for increasing the level or number of prospective students. Workshops or training programs conducted by APCS or Association of Private Colleges and Schools of South Florida will provide beneficial awareness about some essential and important factors of admission process that will help in enhancing the capabilities of the staffs as well as restores and strengthens your educational institute’s brand or reputation in the community.

By being a member of our association you can successfully emerge as one of the best and most preferred educational institute, beautifully tackling the challenge of a hectic admission process. Our training programs or workshops will provide your staffs’ effective usage of automation technology process that will help in simplifying a critical admission process. We will ensure your staffs are well acquainted with the admission process making it a more user friendly and well communicated with the education world. Your staffs will get aware about utilizing some beneficial factors such as:

Our staffs

-Handling a Live chat:
This will enable them in dealing on the queries of students and parents by giving them instant query resolution, which reduces their anxiety before an admission process.

-Dealing with the E-mail support:
Having proper knowledge about email support mechanism will help them in building better communication platform between the educational institute and the student; this strengthens the relationship and creates a reliable bond.

Recognized by the Florida Commission for Independent Education our association aims in providing or promoting ideas and practices through cooperative endeavors among local private education industry to excel in their field by improving their quality and performance. The staffs of your educational institute can receive CEU credits approved by Commission for Independent Education that enables them in availing a continuing education while on a job. Effective South Florida admission training program run by APCS will ensure your staffs get aware about a complex admission process, which becomes a simple process after our training program. In order to help the local education industry we also run South Florida financial aid training program.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Take Advantage of an Excellent Program for Faculty Training

Are you one of the educational institutes in South Florida, looking to enhance your faculties or staff’s efficiency? Then joining the Association of Private Colleges and Schools of South Florida .i.e. APCS, will be considered the best option as we run effective program such as conducting seminars and workshops for faculties as well as staffs (administrators, placement officers, etc). Our primary purpose is to promote ideas and practices with a co-operative endeavor among the private colleges, universities and post-secondary schools in South Florida (who are our member). Our association is recognized by the Florida Commission for Independent Education and is very much devoted to help the local Private education industry in improving their quality and performance.

South Florida Higher Education Advocacy

APCS runs exemplary faculty training programs, financial aid training programs, etc, as well as provides beneficial networking opportunities with local organizations. We mainly focus on conducting all the seminars and workshops in order to make your faculties and staffs capable of their profession as well as helps them to excel in their field; this ensures the students get better educational support, which indirectly makes your educational institute the best in the industry. We make it possible for your staffs and faculties to receive continuing education and training by providing them Commission for Independent Education approved CEU credits and courses. Being our precious member you will get numerous ways to make your faculties and staffs competent as well as will achieve a healthy educational culture that can very well understand or help in tackling intercultural or cross cultural student aspects. The exclusive and beneficial workshops or seminars will be conducted by us as per your staffs and faculties convenience. So, join us today and take the advantage of beneficial programs to get a good recognition in your community with a better leadership and educational service.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Get Valuable and Variety of Workshops for Faculty Training

Every parent wants their kids to attend the best schools or colleges having highly educated faculties who can deliver a better education. Educational institutes should take initiative for availing right and proper kind of faculty training programs or workshops that will help the faculties as well as the staffs to improve their knowledge in their related field along with deliver a best education to the students. If you are an educational institute based in South Florida then by being a member of Association of Private Colleges and Schools of South Florida (A.P.C.S), will help in getting variety of workshops and seminars for your faculties and staffs that will help in their professional growth as well as will help your educational institute emerge as an leader in education field.

Our workshops and seminars are designed to help your faculty or staffs gain valuable work skill as well as provide dynamic learning experience. In our hands-on workshops we focus on introducing your faculties with latest and advanced technologies that can be used in delivering effective and professional looking presentations while educating the students. For making your faculties and staff learn and get aware about cross-cultural diversities (as having students from different countries or culture in your educational institute), we organize seminars where they can understand the cultural differences, values and behavior that will help in enhancing the quality of their interaction with international students.

Workshops that are based on improving or maximizing leadership potential and effectiveness are considered good for your staffs such as supervisors or administrators; this will help in maintaining a civilized workplace culture, which will prove to be an overall impact of well-being and success of your educational institute. APCS provides faculty training programs in form various valuable workshops and seminars where your faculty as well as the staffs or administrators will also get a chance to enhance their professional skills that will help in getting a lead in education sector. We offer the Commission for Independent Education approved CEU credits for your faculty, staffs and administrators.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

CEU credits: Enhance the your Educational Competence Level

Are you employed in a job or a practitioner and wants to upgrade your educational competence? Then simply get a CEU credit .i.e. continuing education unit or also known as continuing education credit which is required by practitioners in certain profession to ensure they are up-to-date with current practices in their field as well as enhances their educational competence level.

Achieving or earning a CEU credit will act as proof in order to renew a license as practitioner. As CEU credit signifies that a practitioner has completed the required continuing education units. Most professionals feel proud to display these credits on their cubicle’s wall in office. Business organizations provide their staff or employees with an opportunity to attend seminars, networking opportunities, etc, that helps in making them aware of new and innovative sources like acquiring a CEU credit which will result in supporting their profession.

Many educational institutes or association of educational institutions offer CEU credits but you have to ensure that the local school or college is accredited to offer official CEUs in your specific field. The educational association of institutions will help you maintain an edge in your respective profession by providing multiple opportunities to acquire CEUs. You can attend seminars, conferences, workshops and on-demand events provided by the educational association to keep up and help in running your certification program.

Acquiring CEU enables with comprehensive knowledge related to your profession and helps in boosting your career that is in process to achieve heights. So, whether you are a faculty or employee or practitioner or trainee, just become a member of APCS Association of Private Colleges and Schools of South Florida .i.e. APCS- provides CEU credits approved by Commission for Independent Education. Our CEU credits will boost, encourage and support the growth of your career.